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Business solutions


Condies provide a helpline for tax and accounting matters, to speak to one of their experts call on 01383 721421 or email info@condie.co.uk

Condies are based in Dunfermline and Edinburgh and provide a wide range of proactive business advice in addition to more traditional accountancy services.

Condies are long standing supporters of the Fife Licensed Trade Association and understand the challenges faced by the industry.

Business development

Thorntons LLP

Thorntons LLP provide specialist advice on licensing, employment and immigration law.

They offer FLTA members special scale rates. 

A leaflet has been produced by Thorntons covering  the full range of benefits they offer to members.

Business management

Lindores Abbey Distillery

Lindores Abbey Distillery is the latest addition to Scotland’s distilling estate and is built on the site of the historic Lindores Abbey, which also happens to be the location for the first written-recorded production of Scotch whisky.

Business solutions

Premier Purchasing Group

Premier Purchasing Group is run by husband and wife team Ian and Lynn Ladd based in Glenrothes. They specialise in reducing the overheads of small to medium sized businesses ranging from utilities, food and drink, bottle gas through to laundry, cleaning and hygiene. Their services are 100% free to members and can make a significant difference to the costs of a business, as many FLTA members can already confirm.